MIA PEZZI creations are made to capture the essence of couture Italian and Asian influences in jewelry in the form of art. When the two are fused together, true magic is created. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, and pendants are all carefully crafted to release the true beauty of all stones and metals. MIA PEZZI focuses on bold, simple, elegant designs to capture the desire and style of each soul. Mia travels the world for inspirations and new designs that are truly unique in jewelry. Each piece has a purpose to give women and men their deserved "oh's" and "ah's" when walking down the street.

PEZZI stands for "pieces" in Italian. We wanted to signify that each piece is treasured in our company. Jewelry is not just gold, diamonds, and gems but an art form. Every one of our pieces is unique and uses stones that are rare and often the last of its kind. MIA likes to discover new cuts of stones that exemplify the brilliance of each gem. Therefore, many times the pieces are one of a kind, hard to find, or in a limited collection. MIA also works with artists all over the world for significant one of a kind pieces that express the individuality of each soul.

All of MIA's pieces are finely crafted in precious and semi-precious gems and set in 18K, 22K, or 24K white, gold, and rose gold. We only carry the best at MIA PEZZI.