Our Clients

Mia Pezzi jewelry has that opulent feminine quality that makes everyone woman feel like a princess. But these princesses buy their own jewelry because it pleases them not because they must ask the man in their lives to treat them. The quality and workmanship exudes from the jewelry themselves to the beautiful boxes they are packaged in. I’ve purchased jewelry from the best names like Cartier, Van Cleef and Arple. David Morris, Martin Katz and Julie Liu’s jewelry ranks right up there with the best. Jewelry should impart joy and I am soooo happy when I wear Mia Pezzi pieces.

Taryn Rose

I could not believe what I saw when I got it. It was crazy and I just had to have it. Beyond beautiful. Ladies, the incantato ring is crafted beautifully. Looks so much more intriguing in person. - Jen

I cannot believe how many compliments I get when I wear the Incantato ring. The best thing is stacking it because anyone and everyone can see it. I know I complained about the size of the flowers being big but that's because I always wore the smaller one piece stone jewelry. You opened me up to bigger pieces and I LOVE IT! I love showing it off and people kept asking me where I got my ring when I was in Paris. Definitely worth it. -Stacy

Being in finance really doesn't help on the fashion part so good thing MIA was there to help me pick out a piece for my wife. She usually shops at the Cartier and BVLGARI and other fine brands on Michigan. I have to say she was ecstatic to find this brand. It's exquisite, different, and you can't find it elsewhere. - Wilson K.

I'm always looking for unique pieces that are timeless. I absolutely love the Incantato ring.

It's the perfect accessory to add elegance to any attire, every day or to formal events.

~Ashley Fox Linton

2008 Mia Pezzi